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Even though we have downsized over the past two years we need to continue to progress to the point that we are out of the goat business. This is a difficult decision, but for health and family issues, it needs to be done. We are not having a fire sale and we will not be having the first of the annual ” Going Out Of Business Sales ” as so many have done in the past. We will be selling everything over the next year. After September, 2015 we will not be kidding again.
We feel that we offer you some of the most proven genetics in the industry. Our breeding program has produced multiple National Champions and our genetics are evident and winning in nearly every show ring in the United States. This has been a consistent program that took ten years to develop. NOTHING WILL BE HELD BACK, everthing including frozen embryos is for sale.
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Dr. Mark and Sherrie Watkins

Circle Star Boers Received the 2014 ABGA National Reserve Breeder’s Herd

Welcome to the Watkins Circle Star Boer Goat Ranch web site.
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The Watkins Circle Star Ranch is located in Fredericksburg, Texas. We are in the beautiful Texas Hill country approximately one hour north of San Antonio and one hour west of Austin. We have raised goats for several years, concentrating on producing only the highest quality Full Blood South African Boer Goats.

We have Boer goats for sale that combine the best genetics in the industry. If you are looking for foundation breeding stock or show quality Boer Goats please check out our Boer Goats For Sale page. We believe that producing superior breeding stock is accomplished in only one way and that is by line breeding to genetically superior individuals. This has produced the most consistent results and is evidenced by our kid crops that produce multiple show winners. If you are looking for foundation breeding stock that are capable of producing the best goats available anywhere, you need to come visit the Circle Star Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas.

We accomplish our breeding goals through a combination of live breeding, artificial insemination and embryo transfer. With our medical background we believe we provide a high level of preventative and medical management with an emphasis on natural nutrition, supplemental feeding and housing for optimal health. We go to great efforts to offer you the best Boer Goats for sale in Texas.

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Knowing a wool lot better about wool towels

Wool’s quality is unparalleled by other types of cloth. It is naturally occurring in sheep, goat, rabbits, and other types of camelids. Coming from living creatures, wool has special properties that set it apart from others. This is why it makes a good and warm jacket in the winter, and this type of cloth could even be used in so many ways, like socks, and even towels!

Wool towels are ideal to have and use because they are highly hygienic with their moisture repellant properties. They are also highly durable, making them a good candidate for long-term towel usage, and some kinds of wool are even soft and light to the touch. Now, wool is the trend of towel market. The famous towel manufacturer Kerala Textiles is also push out their newest wool towels.

Knowing a wool lot better about wool towels

How exactly is wool different from other types of towel? What makes it special?

Wool has temperature regulating properties

The wool came from animal coverings and is thus designed to keep body temperature normal. It can keep warmth but at the same time, it can also absorb moisture and dampness, which may also help in cooling the body down. This results in well-regulated temperature.

Wool is highly durable

It doesn’t break easily and is even resistant to being burned. It has a high heat index, making it an effective towel for surviving hot temperature in the desert. It is also resistant to mold and dirt could easily be washed out. This makes wool much less prone to degrading elements in the environment, making it a home companion that is made to last long and strong.

It’s hygienic

Wool keeps moisture away, discouraging the build-up of foul smell and bacteria in it, keeping it clean despite hours and even days of usage and wear. It manages moisture well, keeping it clean and dry as needed.
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China-made products are incredibly popular right now and many individuals are purchasing them because of the cost and the quality of the products. We all think that purchasing pricey items will be advantageous since they have a better quality, but China is attempting to match this quality and deliver the products for a more inexpensive price. The value difference of Chinese items and high quality products are enormous so you might actually think twice when purchasing expensive items. Many businesses desire to import from China because of this reason. Listed here are some of the essential things that you need to know if you desire to establish your own business and purchase from China.

China is known for their outstanding efficiency since most of the production facilities in this country are concentrated mostly in mass producing their items. There won’t be any disruptions as soon as the production lines are all set.
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